My name is Carla and I Dream in Vintage.

I enjoy thrift stores, tea, sometimes coffee, walks on sunny days, that old time rock & roll, and cats.  I love my record player and could not live without music.  I love to type (strange but true) and I enjoy blogging but admittedly don’t blog as often as I would like to because I tend to over think EVERYTHING and, well, we all know how over thinking usually turns out.

I started this blog as both a creative outlet and a therapeutic practice for myself.  I wanted a place I could talk about OOTD’s, Eyebrow Problems (lols) and Tattoos as well as a place that I could openly journal my battle with PTSD.  I would like to advocate for mental health and self love.  Two very important and often very underrated elements required to be happy (I think).

I feel as though I am on a journey to my best self and I want to document the ride.  Bumps and all.  So let’s brace ourselves and try to enjoy the scenery.





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