Happy New Year

I raise my Hook to 2023.

My goals are high. My hopes low but still present. The past 2 years have felt like a decade. The last 6 months are a blur.

My Mental Health took a turn at the end of June. I self-isolated with my Yarn and Crocheted day to night, night to day.

It has become my comfort, my confidant, source of inspiration. My bridge over troubled water.

I do not know what to expect from 2023 so I will expect nothing. I know I will continue to battle my Mental Health. I will continue to Crochet. Aside from that, nothing is concrete.

I raise my Hook.

Crochet another Stitch.

For tomorrow is not promised, but is an opportunity to begin again. “The sun will rise again” (Devin Townsend ~ Universal Flame”).