I know I probably recently stated that I was done (or near done) with YouTube.  It keeps relapsing.  I just can’t help myself.  I love to put together and film outfits.  No matter how good or bad they may be (I like them but I know not everybody likes the same thing).  I just enjoy it, it’s fun, and it takes my mind somewhere else when I am engaged in it.

This footage was actually filmed & photographed in late May/early June but I became very critical of myself.  I stumbled upon it last week when I ironically decided to film some outfits.  Perhaps it was looking at it with fresh eyes or perhaps it is part of my new and growing positive attitude (thank you therapy! lol).  I don’t know why I thought this footage was so bad.  It’s not perfect, hec I don’t even know if I like those pants or not but I wanted to make something of it anyways.

So here I am, making a blog to correspond with the video.  Please enjoy as I have so enjoyed putting it together.  All links open in a new window or tab.



Stripey Pants 3
THE PANTS : H & M, striped harem, with POCKETS!!!  Given to me by my sister.
Striped Pants 2
TANK TOP : Basic black tank, purchased from Urban Planet. I cannot find this exact top but you can browse the site here : TAKE ME TO URBAN PLANET
FLIP FLOPS : Purchased from Old Navy. Find them here : TAKE ME TO THE FLIP FLOPS
Striped Pants 1
THE BIKINI TOP : “Marilyn” enhancer halter in brown, purchased from Venus.com. *This colour seems to unavailable but you can shop 14 other colours here : TAKE ME TO THE TOPS
Striped Pants 4
To watch my video on YouTube click here : TAKE ME TO THE VIDEO


“If I could do something
Well you can do something,
If I could do anything
Well can you do something out of this world?

Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along”

~ Supertramp | “Dreamer”

August 2016 | iDREAMinVINTAGE

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Rock & Roll Soul | Tea Addict | Anxiety Girl | Mental Health Awareness Enthusiast | YouTube Enthusiast | Creative Entrepreneur

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